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Truffle Dish


Because of truffle’s high price and their pungent taste, truffles are used sparingly. The supplies of stuffs can really be found commercially as unadulterated fresh produce or the preserved section. Typically in a light brine.
When it comes to the white truffles. They are generally served uncooked over steaming buttered pasta. Sometimes salads. White or black paper thing truffles slices may be inserted into meats of any kind. Under the skin of a roasted fowl or even foie grass preparations. Some specialty cheeses might even contain truffles as well.
The flavor of a black truffle is far less pungent and more refined than the white truffles. The black truffles are reminiscent of a fresh earth and mushroom like taste. When fresh their scent fills a room almost instantly.

Truffle oil

Truffle oil
The oil from the truffle has been a culinary ingredient added to foods for ages. The oil intends to part the flavor and aroma of truffles to any dish. Most truffle oils are not in fact made from actual truffles though, but are instead a synthetic product that combines aromatic hydrocarbons found in real truffles with an olive oil kind of base. A few more expensive oils are actually made from the real truffles is self.
Truffle oils are popular with chefs the entire world because of it’s significantly less expressive than actual truffles, While possessing some of the same flavors and aromas.



Truffles - an overview

Yes that's right you see a picture of a dog above and were talking about truffles. If you didn't know dogs were used to dig up truffles from the ground in the middle ages. Truffles were rarely used and hard to find. The only trace of truffles in the medieval cooking was at the court of the popes in Avignon, that's right Avignon.

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